Justizrat Dr. jur. Markus A. Stuppi LL.M. • 66849 Landstuhl, Ludwigstr. 21 • Tel.: (06371) 2081, Fax: (06371) 18497




The notary`s office of Dr. Markus Stuppi is a modern service-oriented notariate right in the heart of Landstuhl close to the „Kreissparkasse“ at the „Alter Markt“ – square.

The address is Ludwigstr. 21 in 66849 Landstuhl, Germany.

Phone: 06371/2081
Fax: 06371/18497
Mail: info@notar-stuppi.de

In a region such as Landstuhl, which is close to Kaiserslautern and Ramstein and inhabited by many foreign military members, international and foreign law is traditionally of great importance for our office. Frequently, foreign people or foreign enterprises are participating in a notarial document, e.g. in the purchase of real estate or a company or in the declaration of a will. Here it is for example expected from us to determine the applicable law properly and provide information about it. Or it arises the question, what kind of documents are necessary for doin business in Germany by a foreign enterprise.

Foreign authorities or other institutions sometimes require for safety reasons that declarations given to them are authenticated by a notary ("notarization"). Or the requirement of an "affidavit" is to be fulfilled. This is for example the case when providing a power of attorney which shall be used abroad. Here, a formal acknowledgement of the signature of the notary by the responsible authorities ("Apostille") is frequently asked for. We will be taking care of collecting all necessary declarations and documents for you.

Furthermore, recordings can be done in a foreign language. Notar Dr. Stuppi is able to do recordings in English. Pure authentications can also be made in other languages like French, Spanish or Italian. In other cases we are glad to help you with the search for an interpreter.

eal estate law has traditionally been the major area of our services. Consultancy and recordings in the field of company law, inheritance law and the drafting of marriage contracts are further areas of practice. Of course, the notary can also give advice in all other fields of work of a notary. The following pages should give you an impression of the work of the notary in Germany and of the services of our office.